It's convenient for me to use this advertising network instead of contracts with individual channels..

Anne Duval - marketer.


I just put a bot in the chat room instead of permanently giving out access rights !

Roy Smithson - the owner of the group.


I stopped arguing with clients about the number of users who see ads.

Marsha Frost - Advertising Agent


I've doubled my revenue from my three channels without a headache with advertisers.

Tim Cruz - the author


Place your advertising in any suitable channel or group without contracts with the owners. Get money from your channel or group without complicated agreements and customer search.


Select advertising channels using keywords. Say "NO" to channel searches and contracts with owners.

Simple editor

To place an advertisement, just enter the name, the advertising phrase and a link to the resource.

Budget management

You can easily manage your daily and overall campaign budgets



Set a time limit for displaying ads

Cost control

You choose the maximum bet, and we try to show your advertising for the minimum cost.

Mass publication

You can connect your software products to our platform using the API


Easy to advertise on your channel

No contracts with advertisers. No shocking images. Strict and simple — text, link and nothing more.

Limited space

Only one ad per channel (old message is deleted). Only three advertisement blocks in a message of about 8 lines long

Display restrictions

Manage the number of impressions per day and the minimum number of messages between impressions of ads

Showing only the right ads

ВYour subscribers will only see advertisements according to your specified keywords and regional restrictions. There is nothing suitable? We will not show anything.

Financial reporting

At any time you can see your profits and withdraw your funds in any available way.

Cost accounting

General and detailed expenditure report for each campaign and announcement

Impression and click statistics

For each ad, you can see how many times it was shown and clicked.

Efficiency analysis

We will help you compare different ads to find the most effective one.

Time and channels

You can compare the effectiveness of advertising in different channels and at different times of day and day of the week.

Full analysis of your advertising

You can watch everything that happens to your ads and campaigns.



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